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Nicholas Cox

Zamorozka Client

When you start the client, you will see a window where you need to enter a password. In this window, you must enter the password "#SykaSoftware" to successfully log into the game. A distinctive feature of the main menu is a special font. In addition, this font is made specifically for this client, which is why its installation is a bit unusual. As for additional functions, there are quite a lot of them in the main menu. First of all, we note that there is a Change Name in the client, which serves as an Alt Manager. In it, you can change your nickname without any problems. Also, the name change window is not only in the main menu, but also near the list of servers. It is worth noting that the main menu is equipped with a built-in music player, but it does not work on the merged version, or, in principle, has not yet been configured. Just above is the Zamorozka tab. It contains a number of important settings:

Zamorozka Client

Turning to functionality, it should be noted that the client is more focused on the functionality of functions than on their number. For example, it has a separate window of 21 functions, which is responsible only for fly. At the same time, you will definitely be able to find a working flight function for the server you need. The cheat has quite a large number of functions responsible for displaying items/players: 041b061a72


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