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Africa X Sauvage Vol 3

Africa X Sauvage Vol 3

Africa X Sauvage Vol 3 is a podcast series that explores the diverse and rich cultures, histories, and landscapes of Africa. The podcast is hosted by jollinah harath, a journalist and traveler who has visited more than 20 African countries. The podcast aims to showcase the beauty, complexity, and diversity of Africa, as well as the challenges and opportunities that the continent faces in the 21st century.

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The podcast is available on Spotify and SoundCloud , where listeners can stream or download the episodes for free. The podcast covers topics such as wildlife, music, art, cuisine, politics, religion, and more. Each episode features interviews with experts, locals, and travelers who share their insights and experiences on various aspects of African culture and society.

Some of the episodes in Africa X Sauvage Vol 3 include:

  • The Rise of Afrofuturism: How African artists and writers are imagining the future of the continent through science fiction, fantasy, and technology.

  • The Secrets of the Sahara: How the world's largest desert shapes the lives and cultures of the people who live in and around it.

  • The Legacy of Nelson Mandela: How the iconic leader of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement inspired generations of activists and leaders across Africa and the world.

  • The Magic of Morocco: How the North African country blends influences from Arab, Berber, European, and African cultures to create a unique and vibrant identity.

  • The Power of Music: How music is used as a form of expression, communication, and resistance in various African contexts.

Africa X Sauvage Vol 3 is a podcast that celebrates the diversity and richness of Africa, while also acknowledging the challenges and opportunities that the continent faces. It is a podcast that invites listeners to learn more about Africa, to appreciate its beauty and complexity, and to connect with its people and stories.


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