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Remember Audio Interviews to Promote Books

Not too long ago, radio interviews were the only game in town for long-form audio interviews. But the arrival of podcasts was a game changer, and now they have as much book publicity value as radio, if not more. It's also true that many of today's radio interviews are offered as podcasts afterward to expand their audiences. Podcasting is a sleeper hit that continues to grow in influence and reach. Statistics show impressive percentages of American adults listen to podcasts each month. Radio interview appearances still have definite value, but you can supplement them with podcasts or a podcast series.

Audio interviews are legendary for the connection they make with listeners. It's often described as an intimacy that doesn't develop on TV and in other video formats. The interview length also makes a difference, and the format is generally longer form. Audiences tend to be more specialized and have interests in a specific area. Their loyalty to the shows and podcasts they follow is also notable, meaning they can become more interested in guests and buy their books. One of the internet's contributions to all media is on-demand availability. No longer must listeners be available at a specific time when a show airs.

Many long-form radio interviews occur on public stations that do not stop for commercials. It's an advantage shared by podcasts that also can be more freewheeling. Podcast conversations can cover any topic and content without the restrictions of broadcast standards. If you do episodes in a series, you can also cover topics more in-depth, as long as you keep the conversation interesting for your audience. The relatively low cost of podcasting puts it within the reach of most authors, even people who may not have significant promotional budgets early in their careers. They're also fun to do and low-pressure.

If you do radio and podcast interviews, it's wise to promote them on your social media, your blog, and online listings that will include you. Because people listen on demand, podcasts can rack up massive listenership over time. It's a different formula than broadcast interviews that reach the largest audience when they air initially. They're an excellent fit for book PR campaigns because authors can launch their own podcasts and appear as guests on others. The internet's ability to collect niche audiences is also notable. It guarantees an audience of interested people who follow your book's topic more closely. 


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