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Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Where To Buy

We love revere pewter! We have just painted our hallway revere pewter with dove white board and batten. Our house is pretty open concept, so we are wondering how much to flow with it into other rooms. Our kitchen has dark cherry cabinets, light cream/brown/yellow backsplash tiles and granite is dark brown/cream with some black and yellow tones. Do you think revere pewter would work in the kitchen? Or, what are coordinating colors for revere pewter? Thank you!:)

benjamin moore revere pewter where to buy

My trick for transitioning in the situation that you described is mixing two colors together and adding 50% white. So, it sounds like a 50/50 mix of revere pewter and your downstairs color lightened 50% with white (because of the dark stairwell), should come very close. I would try a sample just to be safe. Good luck and please come back and tell me what you think! Thanks for your note Erin!

Does revere pewter work with maple cabintes (stained cherry-mahogany) with grey/black granitt? Revere is perfect for the rest of the house but I want it to have a blue under tone the kitchen not green? I know Grey owl would def look more blue against the red but can those two colours (revere and grey owl ) be painted in adjoining rooms?THANKS!

My living room and hallways are painted revere pewter. Now, I want to want my dining room and den a light grey, I tried stonington grey ( too blue), grey owl ( too silver and then edgecomb grey ( too beige), all Benjamin Moore. Any suggestions for a color that is a light grey? I have a tan sofa.Thank you.

I need some gray paint colors that go well with revere pewter. I have a bedroom and bath that come off of a landing painted revere pewter. I need a wall color and 2 for a tray ceiling. Also a color for the bathroom. Thank you, Gloria

Smokey taupe is a deep, neutral color that has a slightly darker tone than revere pewter. Its depth comes from its high pigment content, making it an ideal choice for rooms requiring a more muted feel.

The lighter shade of revere pewter gives it a softer look, and the lower pigment count makes it easier to pair with other colors. Both colors are versatile and can work in traditional or modern spaces. 041b061a72


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