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Instagram - The Best App for Android to Create and Discover Amazing Content

Instagram is a free online photo editing app that combines a robust suite of editing tools with easy-to-use social media features. Instagram has made a name for itself as one of the fastest-growing and most popular social media apps in the world. All you need to do is download and install the app and you'll be sharing gorgeous photos in no time.

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Though it boasts many additional features like instant messaging, stories, and IGTV, the core of Instagram is photo editing and sharing. Once you've downloaded Instagram, log in and you can create an account that acts as a personal online photo album. You can snap a picture, edit it, and post it to your account.

One minor drawback to be aware of is that a definite focus is placed on Instagram's mobile app. Though an in-browser version is offered, it doesn't have nearly as many features as the mobile versions. If you want to get the most out of the app, you'll definitely want to download Instagram to your phone.

Instagram makes it easy to save and download videos from your story. However, if you've created a video post, there's no longer an option in the three-dot menu to save it directly to your camera roll. Instead, you can save it to your Instagram Collections, record your screen to capture it, or download it with a third-party app.

Important: If you download an Instagram video and share it later, make sure you give the original account proper credit. It's poor practice and potential copyright infringement if you steal someone else's video and pretend it's your own.

Whether you use a Mac or PC, there are many third-party apps available that will help you download or screen record Reels to your computer in a matter of clicks. Some options, in no order of preference, include:

Another way to download a Reel to your iPhone is to use a third-party app. That will allow you to download and save the Reel directly to your phone without the need to record your screen.

For this guide, we chose Instant Save, a free app that lets you download public photos, videos, Reels, and other types of content, directly from Instagram to your iPhone.

Screen recording is one way you can download Reels to your phone. Most Android phones have a built-in screen recorder that also records audio, but if you are using an older version of Android that lacks a screen recording function, your best bet is to move on to the second method.

One of the best third-party apps you can try for this purpose is ETM Video Downloader, a free app that lets users batch-download Instagram videos, stories, and reels.

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If you want to edit an Instagram Reel with more robust software or simply watch it on a larger screen, you will need to download it onto your desktop computer. Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac, you will need a third-party screen recording app like Snagit or OBS Studio to do this.

If you are wondering how to download Instagram Reels on your PC, simply download one of these apps and start recording your screen while playing your preferred Reel. Then, you can cut out the unnecessary parts from the video and save the Reel on your PC.

Instagram automatically saves all the photos and videos you share as posts, but that is not the case with Reels. So, if you want to download your own Reels from your account to your phone, you must do it manually.

Like all other Instagram pictures and video-downloading apps, Quick Save does the same thing. After downloading the content, you can repost or even share it with your friends with this best downloader for Instagram. This best app for Instagram videos saves Instagram videos to a camera roll that comes with an in-built feature that lets you edit images and videos using several filters and editing tools. To add more fun, the user can go for grid styling and photo splits with this best download Instagram videos app.

Insget is the best app that lets you download Instagram videos and photos. The app is easy to use, simple, convenient, and result driven for downloading photos and videos from Instagram. The USP of this app is its nice and smooth user interface that does not offer an intrusive full-screen ad after every action taken in the app. Another best thing about Insget is that you can easily download photos, stories, and reels from both public and private accounts on the platform. Additionally, it also allows you to send it directly to feed, stories, or any other application.

Another top pick for this list of the top Instagram video download apps, Ins downloader is designed to execute many tasks such as downloading profile pictures in HD, high-quality videos, pictures, and more. The Instagram reels video downloader app also comes with an in-built video player that can play videos in a loop. Adding on, the app continuously fixes issues and bugs to maintain the service. Users can download, manage, repost, and repurpose Insta videos with one click. It is a lightweight app that allows all functions without logging in.

Another addition to this list of free Instagram photo downloader apps is the Video downloader by Make Life Simple Studio. This app allows you to save videos, photos, and stories on your phone. You can also repost with captions and hashtags to get more followers or share with your friends via IG. The video downloader app is fast, secure, and easy to use, making it among the best apps for Instagram videos and photos download. This app is also considered the best Instagram video downloader without a watermark while ensuring high download quality.

The .0 files are cahce files and some of these are essentially JPG image files and quality may depend upon your device I believe because it would download compressed image if the device screen/density is small. (That's just a theory).

Now, you will have a "Download" option in three dots in every image or video.You can download every image and video by this method. If you use Easy Downloader app that will only let you download images of public accounts.

Once in the respective app stores, simply search for Instagram, and if you see an Update option on the application page instead of Open, tap it to download and install the latest version of the app. Alternatively, follow the links below to download the latest version.

If you want to save a photo someone else posted on Instagram, you have several options. You can use a third-party downloading app such as ToolZu, Downloader for Instagram if you're using Android, or Reposter for Instagram if you're using iOS. If you don't want to use a third-party website, you can easily screenshot the photo whether you're using a PC, Mac, or mobile device. This wikiHow will show you several of the easiest ways to save photos from Instagram to your computer, phone, or tablet.

I want to build an android app to download instagram images and videos and igtvs.So I can download pictures easily without need to access token,but for downloading videos I have to have access token to use instagram api and finally I have no idea about downloading igtv.I uploaded an igtv video on my page(my app is in sandbox mode,but I'm admin) and instagram responds that "media url is not valid".

Either you go through the view source of page or scrape the page. It also changes as Instagram changes page structure.We have found another method in media URL just add __a=1 in query string to get the JSON. then you can parse the JSON to get download link and download the media. It also works for multiple carousel media, video as well as IGTV

That interest was translated into actual downloads when the app finally emerged on Google Play, with the service seeing 2,000 sign-ups a minute, ensuring that it has become one of the biggest app releases on the platform in its history.

Instagram Downloader is an application or program that helps users to download and save Instagram photos, videos, posts, and stories. An Instagram downloader also allows users to save IGTV videos from Instagram for offline use. This tool works on mobile, tablet, and PC.

iTubeGo is a software that helps you to download YouTube videos. It has a built-in YouTube converter to convert videos to MP3, MP4, and HD MP4 quality. This tool supports multiple audio and video formats. iTubeGo helps you search and recommend T.V. series and movies online from subtitles when you download any video.

FastSave is an Android app to save photos and videos from Instagram more than 10 Million downloads. It is one of the best Instagram downloader app that helps you to save Instagram photos and videos to your Android base mobile or tablet devices.

Regrann is an Instagram downloader Android tool that allows you to repost Instagram photos and videos without the need to add watermarks. It is one of the best Instagram story downloader that enables you to save Instagram stories and photos on your phone.

Reposter for Instagram is an Android app that will help you to copy text, save images, and videos from Instagram posts to your mobile phone or tablet. It is one of the best downloader for Instagram that allows you to share them back on other apps.

Instagram Downloader is an application or program that helps users to download and save Instagram photos, videos, posts, and stories. An Instagram downloader also allows users to save IGTV videos from Instagram for offline use. This tool works on mobile, tablet, and PC.Also Check: Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps

The simplest way to download Instagram photos is by taking a screenshot. You can do this by simultaneously pressing the phone's Power and Volume Down buttons. You can also take screenshots on a Windows PC using the Snipping Tool app.

If you just want to admire an Instagram photo whenever you please, you may not need to download it. Instagram has a built-in feature for creating a collection of your favorite Instagram posts. This makes it easy to bookmark images and enjoy them at will. The only downside to this is that the image will disappear from your saved images section if the author happens to delete the Instagram post. This is rarely the case, though.


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