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Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell

Prilozhenie Firefox Skachat

To install the browser firefox on my system I used sudo snap install firefox. Afterwards, I installed the extension VideoDownloader, which was working fine. But by using this extension the first time I got the message Companion application required and a button to install this external application. Therefore, I did the requested installation, successfully. I started a second try to download a video. But the same message Companion application required appears.

prilozhenie firefox skachat


After some investigation I found the root cause for this. The snap-file for firefox by self is the problem. Inside of file snapcraft.yaml the option of confinement is strict. Therefore firefox can't reached the Companion application, because the installed Companion application is outside of the sandbox. And by security ruleset confinement:strict, firefox has no permission to use the Companion application.

You will need the offline installer to package it properly in an MSI package. If you go to to download the latest installer, you will only get a small program that downloads the real installer from the Internet when you run it. The Firefox offline installer can be found on their FTP server at All the different versions are listed there and you can select the version and language you want. 041b061a72


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