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Slave Maker 3 Hack

So while waiting for SKSE64 a few months ago, I decided to check all the slave mods that I would like to install in SSE. I've find Slave Trainer in LL and decided I'll try this when everything's good to go.

Slave Maker 3 Hack

the sse conversion thread was where I originally heard of it though its color coded as "I don't know". it was something like the fallout 4 slave mod by the looks of it where you could basically make your own companion out of enemys, but when I tried to install it my game wouldn't launch at all. I even tried converting it (finally learned how to use cao) but still nothing

If only I could find Charma in Whiterun... I heard rumores she was near the Hall of the Dead with a slave but I guess they've gone for a walk... I thought she might be in the Hall trying to wake up the dead by something kinky with her slave but as soon as I entered there I got a CTD. Dunno if that's related to Charma's and her own slave disappearance or not. Any hint? Any help? I really hope that mod isn't broken for some weird reason!

Starting out at the lowly rank of "Script kiddie", with nothing but a small computer and a slow connection to the Internet, you begin surfing the Internet. Your home base will be the WHOIS server at until you grow a little more advanced. As you browse through the list of servers, you will notice a server which is conveniently labeled as Freeware 4 All. On this machine, you find a hacker's starter kit of programs essential for gaining access to restricted areas.

This is where the fun of hacking other servers starts. Both NPC servers and other players' servers can (and will be) hacked, but only other players will try to follow your traces back to your own (virtual) machine.*

If you start your hacking career at the server, you will notice a main trait of the game. In the form of a text file, a puzzle is started, commonly referred to as a riddle trail. Riddle trails are the only reliable way of getting more advanced in terms of software. Typically, you solve the riddle in the text file, which will give you a new IP address. And when you follow that trail, you will either find a new riddle or a reward for solving the entire trail (i.e., new and advanced software for your hacking convenience.)

Analysis: Slave Hack is a game that I had expected to surface on the Web long ago. It is, no doubt, heavily influenced by Introversion's revolutionary Uplink hacking game, which was released in 2001. Uplink's player base has often asked for a multiplayer functionality, which has always been politely declined by Introversion. M2H, Slave Hack's solitary developer, has taken it upon him to port Uplink's framework to a browser-based game, and to enhance it with said multiplayer support.

This game seems really great, but I'm having trouble with badly written instructions (I'm following the newbie tutorial). It says: "To do this, upload the spam virus file (OpenRelay-backdoor.vspam) to the slave you justhacked", but it doesn't say how you actually upload it, and I can't work it out. Help, anyone?Kristofski x

video_game_freak: read the tutorial again. The marketing mailer is for your OWN computer - it's the "master" program. You need to upload the "slave" program on your targets, which is the "something.vspam" file (the spam virus).

This game is awesome... maybe TOO awesome. Seems to me like they took Uplink and modified it so it would work as an MMO. Only been hacked once so far, and then only my antivirus was deleted so I could get spammed. Seems like my obsessive log deletion habits carried over from Uplink are paying off ;) WW and FW 0.8 and CRC 0.6 so far.

Even though everything you do has a timer attached to it, the event only "happens" when you click the 'Continue' button after the whole timer has expired. You can have multiple things running at the same time, and use your Processes page to keep track of them; here's a fairly simple (yet incredibly useful) example of how you can use this to your advantage: Keeping your logfile clear - the more stuff there is in your log, the longer it takes to clear. This is especially bad when you have a lot of slaves and you collect the money; if you first collect the money, then go to clear your log, your bank account number and all your slave IPS will be in the log for a rather long time. Instead, here's what you do: 1. Go to your log, empty it out and press the 'edit' button. 2. Wait for the timer to count down to zero, but DON'T press continue. Now if you check the Processes page, you should have a line saying 'Process "Editing log at" has been finished. Continue' - just leave it alone for now. 3. Go to your slaves page, click 'collect all', then the Collect button.4. Go back to the processes page (or even better: have it open already in another tab), click the 'Continue' button on the "Editing log" process, and voila! insta-clear. You can do this with a lot of other actions as well - I tend to leave a 'clear log' loaded up and ready to go at all times; you could do the same with 'change password', or 'Reset IP' for instant protection if you're being hacked or DDoSed. Also, for example, when hacking a target, I tend to start a 'clear log' and 'upload virus' at the same time, wait for them to finish, then just go and click continue on both in rapid succession - leaves my IP exposed for much less time.

I am trying an alternative approach to finances which I belive will work up unto a point. I have about 20 slaves of which 10 seem to be permament (running for > 40 hours). My guess is I can make about 40 euro an hour. This means after about 70 hours I will have enough for a 4Mb feed. Just need to be quick to collect the cash, purchase the upgrade and clear the logs. Probably need up to 60 seconds to do that. As I say this strategy has risks (lots of potential cash lost if viruses are deleted) but it also means my bank account isn't worth hacking as it won't have much cash in it. It also doesn't scale well - having to wait the best part of 3 days to get 3K - that means a month for a 24Mb feed.

Which brings me on to bank accounts and probably the major flaw in the game. I don't have a desire to hack accounts but obviously I would like to get to the banking logs to clear out my info. Anyone enlighten me how this is done and what levels of software are required ?

Glix: There's no need to hack the bank server to clear the logs in there. You would usually open a bank account, accumulate money in it through your slaves, then, as soon as you have just enough, purchase the piece of hardware you want, then delete the account, and start again.

As for the earning rates: I now make around 600-700 Euros per hour, with about 25 slaves. But just one of them is generating about 75% of the whole revenue. By acquiring higher-profile slaves, your income will increase significantly. You can find them as you progress along the riddle trail.

2) Keep one account only for collecting money from your slaves. And don't use it for anything else. (if you are hacking into other accounts never transfer money to your main account, the one that you use solely for collecting money from your slaves. Use your second and third accounts for this purpose, spend the money right away and delete them both.

As an extreme n00b, I am only just trying to hack the server, but it's got that darn firewall up ALL THE TIME. I am just wondering if the window of time when the firewall isn't up is in any way significant, or if it's just open for a few seconds. If I have to sit continually clicking "hack" and then "back," I'm going to quit: I don't have time! Is there a certain time I should check?

Bit of a glitch I think - maybe someone has hacked slave hack. Can't edit my logfile or delete files from my HD, gives - erroraa report this bug - in place of the confirm button. Bit of a shame really as I just collected from all my slaves and my logfile now contains my bank account details which I can't delete.

I was enjoying Slave Hack for a while, but at this point I'm thinking MMO-hacking game != fun. Griefers keep just uploading strong firewalls to the early systems, preventing new players from getting to any of the riddles, and thus keeping them from getting any better software.

The overall execution is pretty good, though, and it gives me more ideas for what to do when I get around to making the best hacking game ever, but the #1 idea this game is giving me is "do not make it multiplayer".

Well, I'm now up to the 3.2 servers on the riddle trail. I'm cracking my way up the trail atm just collecting decrypters, seekers, waterwalls and firewalls, and noting where ALL the software is so I can pick up what I need once I'm at the 4.0 firewall. It also means I have about 45 slaves atm.Here's my current software list:

hello, can someone help me please. i am playing the gam over a month and all i have is 1 or 2 NPC slaves and really crappy software. and i dont have any money, becouse they allways hack my bank acc. can someone please help me??


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