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Airsimmer A320 Gauges 30 [UPD]

Filename:project_airbus_pss_airbus_aircraft_merge_a320_iae.zipLicense:Freeware, limited distributionAdded:16th February 2011, 00:43:20Downloads:643Author:Christopher BarbasSize:1623kb

Airsimmer A320 Gauges 30

Filename:project_airbus_pss_airbus_aircraft_merge_a320_cfm.zipLicense:Freeware, limited distributionAdded:16th February 2011, 00:42:39Downloads:1265Author:Christopher BarbasSize:1562kb

File Description:This is a fix for the 2D/VC Gauge Merge ( FS9 Crashed while loading the aircraft. This fix will show up an oportunity how to fly the Posky 777 with the gauges by Wilco.

File Description:This archive contains the files needed to merge the payware Friendly Panels gauges into the freeware AFG Kingair's virtual cockpit. Additionally a multitude of "magnify" windows have been incorporated into the panel making it 'friendly' for the visually impaired as well. Custom views (wingviews) have been added, and the AFG virtual cockpit panel textures have been updated to blend well with the Friendly Panels gauges and improve overall appearance. A custom scripted MS-DOS batch configuration utility quickly and convieniently configures any one of four different GPS options on the GPS panel window. You'll need the payware Friendly Panels Beech Panel Package and the freeware AFG Kingair installed to use these files. Links provided in the readme.

File Description:FS2004/FSX SkySpirit2010 767 Panel Merge. This is a merge for the SkySpirit2010 Boeing 767 using the QualityWings 757 panel. An update from the last merge, this merge includes custom gauges for the ADI, ND, and EICAS screens based off of documentation for the Boeing 767. You must have the SkySpirit2010 767 as well as the QualityWings 757 to utilize this merge since no QualityWings 757 files are provided in this download.

File Description:Repaint for the Airsimmer A320 and Airsimmer Wilco A320 merge. 32bit textures handpainted with photoreal provided by Edward Cox.IF using for the Airsimmer - You will need the airsimmer A320.IF using for the merge - you will need the Wilco Airbus Vol 1. evolution and Copilot Diego's A320 merge. 350c69d7ab


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