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Yofukashi No Uta - Episode 10

Call of the Night episode 10 garnered a lot of praise for featuring the snobbish vampire, Midori Kohakobe, and for introducing a new character. Episode 10 of Call of the Night is titled "10th Night: Enlarge the Peeping-Tom Photos." This article will briefly summarize the episode by dividing it into three narratives.

Yofukashi no Uta - Episode 10

Call of the Night episode 10 kicked off with Midori in a maid outfit, worried about who would fill in for her colleague who was not going to show up at the cafe. Surprisingly, she crossed paths with Nazuna and Yamori, who were on their usual routine of strolling around the city. Midori requested Nazuna to help her by working in place of her colleague.

With Midori Kohakabe's introduction in episode 7 of Call of the Night, fans presumed her to be imperious and narcissistic, which she indeed is. However, in episode 11, it was witnessed that she also has a compassionate side to her. Midori understands the people around her and what they are going through. However, she is still infuriated by Yamori and wants to make him realize her worth.

The episode also revealed that Yamori is highly perceptive after he amazed Midori and Nazuna by explaining the difference between taking pictures from the phone's back camera and taking a selfie. Fans loved Arisa and anticipated that the series would explore her character in the upcoming episodes. 041b061a72


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